Peeble Already Has Its Long-Awaited Applications Store

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Project of collective funding to smartwatch spotlight of the moment in a year. So the Pebble, which has the movement that confirms you in the right direction in the last hours: the app store.

The Pebble app store offers for now 1000 applications and covers for the watch. Don’t look for it in the own clock; for browsing applications, download them, and activate them in the clock should pass through the Smartphone application. Right now this version 2.0 of the clock is only compatible with iOS devices.

Pebble shop is divided into applications and covers. The first has six categories, and from Pebble seek to play an active role in the cure of which enters the shop to give visibility to which considered the best applications, which we can also filter by tastes of users.

Great for now just Yelp, Foursquare and Runkeeper, Runtastic they are present, and abundant sports, news and information meteorological applications. To see what the developer community, surprises us because – again – in their hands it is that this store is consolidated as something big or is mere anecdote reach in little time.

For Android users the wait will continue, but does not give the feeling of that is going to be long. A few hours after offers the update for iOS users, Android beta for developers already is in the air.