Pilot Watches with Zodiacal Jewelry

Today we look closely at one of the watch industry’s main segments namely Pilot watches. A genre that can appear in many different ways but that all had an intention to facilitate the military as well as scheduled flights. We list our 10 favorites that all differ in both price, form history.

In the watch industry has always been a strong connection with the flight. On the one hand, from a purely functional perspective where the clock was a vital instrument for the pilots but also later in corporate marketing where pilots were exactly the kind of Heroes many customers wanted to be associated with.

Aesthetics may vary but consists primarily of large, clear clock faces and Zodiacal Jewelry with lysmassa to maximize readability in the dark alternative chronographs and GMT-complications to navigate and to plan the flight. Here at sacramentomart you can get more different models and styles.

Today, of course, this in the form of digital solutions but pilot watches reminds us of a not-too-distant time when pilots had to largely rely on the mechanical precision of a quality watch.

Iwc Big Pilot

One of the most classic pilot watches that went under the name Flieger and was one of the German air force’s klockval. Today, the model is iconic and a natural part of the IWC’s range.


One of the most famous pilot watches come from Breitling and we are talking of course about the icon, the Navitimer.

Rolex GMT Master II

GMT Master from Rolex was originally developed for the airline Pan Am in the mid 1950 ‘s. The company requested a clock to show the time in multiple time zones at the same time for flights across the Atlantic.


Stowa was one of the other companies along with the IWC to deliver to the German air force and has kept its Flieger very faithful to the original. Without logo and with generous size.

Sjöö Sandström-UTC Skydiver

Speaking of watches for fighter pilots. Swedish for Sjöö Sandström created a couple years ago model UTC Skydiver for the Swedish air force. A model with both analog and digital displays that provide timing, calendar, alarm and display of multiple time zones.

Alpina-Startimer Pilot

Alpina offers affordable pilot watches with mechanical movements, as well as quartzbaserade.

Bell & Ross-Heritage

Bell & Ross has always had a clear focus on pilot watches in its range. This in an example from the PVD-treated Heritage line. (even the top picture)


Glycine is a small but often well-trusted company among clock enthusiasts. Here in their classic Airman.

Zenith Pilot

One of Zenith nicest pilot watches are in our opinion the Pilot Big Date Special. A clock at 42 mm with meshlänk and the company’s iconic El Primero-works.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter

Oris launched last year, one of the most exciting pilot watches. Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter features a patented altitudsmätare that specifies the height of the plane is a complication that is also very grateful for such as Mountaineer and adventurer.