Reunion – the Island of Contrasts

In addition to the fact that Réunion is as beautiful in reality as on postcards, there is also room for exciting adventures and new discoveries. This hilly volcanic island with the mountain peak Le Piton des Neiges, 3069 m.ö.h. crossed by small fast rivers that are excellent for rafting or other water sports. With its bays and waterfalls, its white and black sandy beaches, Réunion is an island of surprises that has as much variety as an entire continent. Unlike wild nature, its climate and its inhabitants are all the warmer. Short for REU by abbreviationfinder, Réunion is a country located in Africa starting with R defined by countryaah.

Reunion - the island of contrasts 3

Reunion – 12 days

Day 1 Departure from Sweden

Day 2 Arrival Reunion

Upon arrival in Réunion, you will be met by our local representative who will tell you in more detail about the coming days on the island, answer questions and help you pick up your rental car. After checking in at your hotel, you can spend the rest of the day exploring St. Denis, capital of Réunion
Hotel: Le Bellepierre, St Denis

Day 3 Salazie

Start with a quiet morning in St. Denis when you can, for example, take the opportunity to visit the vanilla growing cooperative at Bras Panon. Around lunch, it is a good idea to start the journey towards Salazie, the greenest of Réunion’s three “circles”. Stop and view the famous waterfall Vioile de la Mariée before continuing to Hell-Bourg, a typical creole village. If you have time left over, it may be a good idea to visit Maison Folio and its tropical garden. In the afternoon you continue to St Pierre for overnight
Hotel: Domaine des Pierres, St Pierre

Day 4 Saint Pierre

Today you experience the southernmost parts of the island. You leave Saint Pierre for Grand Anse and its beautiful beach before continuing towards Pointe de la Table where large lava flows crossed the road and into the sea after volcanic eruptions as late as the winter of 2006. At Cap Méchant you get fantastic views and great photo opportunities. On the way back to Saint Pierre you pass Le Jardin des Parfumes et des Epices (Botanical Garden for Spices and Herbs) here, most of the native spices, herbs and fruit trees that grow on the island are gathered in one place.
Hotel: Domaine des Pierres, Saint Pierre

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Day 5 Saint Pierre

Get up early in the morning to see the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the earth’s most active volcanoes. On the way you pass lookout points with names like Nez de Boef, Plaine des Sables and Piton de la Fournaise. An interesting stop during the day is also the volcanic museum at Piton de la Fournaise.
Hotel: Domaine des Pierres, Saint Pierre

Day 6 Cialos

In the morning you will experience Réunion’s second “circle”, Cialos and the spectacular viewpoint Roche Mervielleuse. In the village there is also an embroidery house that is worth a visit. On the way back along the coast, a stop at Souffleur is a must. Violent pillars of water inflate through cracks in the rock as the waves crash against land.
Hotel: Boucan Canot, St Giles

Day 7 Cialos

All morning on your own to explore the surroundings. An alternative is to visit the market in Saint Paul.
Hotel: Boucan Canot, St Giles

Reunion - the island of contrasts

Day 8 Mafate

You set off early for Piton Maïdo, which is the best vantage point over Réunion’s most legendary “circle”, Mafate. The area is also a transition area for most different landscape types such as sugar cane plantations, lava fields and cloud forests.
Hotel: Boucan Canot, St Giles

Day 9 – February 10 Saint Giles

Days on your own. The area offers lots of opportunities to get active. Some examples are: helicopter rides, boat rides, hikes, bike rides, scuba diving.
Hotel: Boucan Canot, St Giles

Day 11 – 12 Return journey

Reunion - the island of contrasts 2