Samsung Registers Patent Intelligent Built-In Projector Clock

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my rank of a projector attached to a smartwatch clock was recorded by Samsung in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, said the The Verge (via Gizmodo). The device would be capable of designing a monitor on the dedicated server not only the display of additional data from one app open; the system would have the ability to identify commands made onthe projection screen.
A camera would be responsible for interpreting the moves made on the second screen, which would result in the interaction between the display designed and the clock itself. Two images were published by the South Korean giant with the registry:one of them, information about an address of a map are displayed on the back of your hand; in another, the gadget appears user handling a keyboard.

A camera would identify the interaction between projection screen and open application.
Also according to the document, Virtual reality devices and other headsets would be compatible with the integrated projector clock. It’s worth mentioning that discussions about the problem that the reduced size of the screens of smartwatches generates are still far from over.
A new concept?
Recently, for example, the engineers Teddy Seyed, Xing-DongYang and Daniel Vogel have created a concept of clock with two monitors: from individual commands made on the displays, the usability of the gadget would be improved (as featuredresources from the display accessory would be the transitionbetween apps and creating different combinations of screens).
Despite the patent registry, plans related to the eventual launch of an LED smartwatch with built-in projector seem does not already exist. So far, some official pronouncement was madeby Samsung.