Samsung Responds to Criticism with a Figure: There Are 800,000 Galaxy Gear on The Market

Samsung has surprised – and answered to the first data that a Korean media was on sales of his Galaxy Gear that they said failed to 50,000 units sold – and leave us an important fact about the role of advanced market watch.

According to Reuters, Samsung would have confirmed that in two months on sale, Samsung Galaxy Gear would have reached 800,000 units in the market, so to break the initial idea that this accessory was not working as expected. At least in criticism, such as for example our analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, he pointed to that were more improvements needed advanced clock Koreans than what now brought to market.

If these good figures are finally real (and seem to reflect more the idea of sales to distribution although Reuters speak of the latter), would have to think about the bet made by Samsung of the Galaxy Gear as a complement to other terminals of the brand and that would be reflected in their promotion/grant with operators and distributors “tied” to the acquisition of one their smartphones of high-end, specially the Galaxy Note 3, one of the few handsets that supports the smartwatch.

On the other hand we find that the Gear is still very dependent on the smartphone accessory, and that idea certainly clashes with preconceptions that the consumer has been able to make what’s a smartwatch can currently do by itself. May thus be understood returns data .