Smartwatch Forum: Our Community Around Smartwatches

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After successfully started our blog, we would like to present the first extension on the Smartwatch market now. With the acquisition of the portal, we approach the next challenge and invite like you to join in.

On the Smartwatch Forum (with .com) all users, it is possible to ask questions about all smart watches and to stimulate discussions. We have set up forums to any Smartwatch manufacturer and each individual watch. There can be specific topics to discuss and provide assistance.

Under Smartwatch news, anyone can post news to Smartwatches directly in the Forum, the corresponding also can be commented out. Is also a place for tutorials around the little helpers at the wrist and testimonials from new as well as long term users. The offer is rounded off by an off-topic corner with small talk about current happenings in the technology market, and even in the world.

We will tie closely the Smartwatch Forum in the coming days with our blog, to get the complete offer accordingly to the reader. For questions or suggestions, you can contact us at any time.

The Smartwatch Forum can call here. It has been on the 2012, was only now taken over by us and accordingly on front man. We are pleased about many topics and posts in the fresh Smartwatch Forum – your community around the Smartwatch, around the clock.