Smartwatch Manufacturer. Maker Behind.

Who so floating around on the market? For a better overview over the Smartwatch industry here is a list of all manufacturers , which already offer a smart watch or do the same in the near future. By clicking on the appropriate logo, you’ll come to the Group and its activities in the margin of the intelligent watches on the separate topic page, the information related to you.

Why of Smartwatches?

For companies entering the Smartwatch business is worth. With a watch directly on the wrist opens up completely new possibilities for functions. Especially in combination with your own Smartphone or tablet, such a clock provides unprecedented added value. In the fitness and health report you can the data that are needed directly yourself manufacturer using the Smartwatch and the corresponding sensors, are dependent not on third-party. This entirely its own eco system can be built. Also the carriage of push messages, SMS, phone calls, Facebook messages or similar, a Smartwatch offers potential that can be exploited through a Smartphone does not. Last but not least, app developers here also shuffle the cards. The group can bind the developer itself and offered as exclusive apps for watches and mobile phones on their own platform.

The Smartwatch market is booming and nearly every manufacturer wants to have his slice of it. In the following you will find an overview of all makers of Smartwatches.