Smartwatch Market: All Except Apple and Samsung No Chance

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Jan Dawson, Chief Analyst at Jackdaw research establishes a bold thesis: “Apple & Samsung will dominate the Smartwatchmarkt, others should get out”.

Smartwatches are booming. This is now clear. But according to a report by Jan Dawson, this seemingly great opportunity for some is also a ride in the open knife. A too little demand was there for the opportunities that currently have Smartwatches. And when attempting to provide more features at the same time the size and battery life must be respected. Who wants the bear already a watch the size of a mobile phone at the joint that can create holograms, but lasts just an hour?

Also, the analyst believes that Apple & Samsung will clearly dominate the Smartwatchmarkt. Apple class, Samsung with mass. That’s why should other companies such as Motorola and LG, which have Smartwatches already on the market, retreating back and make room for Apple & Samsung. Also, companies such as Microsoft, HTC, ASUS, should have the Smartwatches in planning, again to reconsider their plans. The market has no place for so many helpers in the previous demand.

Rumors a iWatch found appeal in the year 2010. Samsung is apparently nearing the launch of its 3rd generation of Samsung gear.