Smartwatch Meets Mobile – When Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit Together

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Smartwatch Watches are more than just a trend, these watches are timeless and perfectly adapt to any style. The same is true for modern Smartphones that will make everyday life a bit easier and more comfortable. Now there is a great combination of a Smartphone of the latest generation and a Smartwatch clock, and that for cheap 33,-euro a month.

AllNet flat – this word is always important when it comes to buying a Smartphone. For AllNet flat means call for free in all German networks, and German mobile networks write it all belongs to a practical AllNet flat also SMS. If you have a flat rate, you will get this offer from clock and Smartphone mobile access to the Internet with 500 MB, and a connection fee must not also be paid. There are 2,000 MB by the way at base in the All-In plus package, and all happy and above all too much mobile surfing, can do a lot with this amount of data.

Music fans, for the AllNet flat there is also an MTV music channel and if you want, can hear his favorite music for all occasions, without paying a penny extra. The greatest is the price, but because who is a member of the ADAC, which pays only a measly 33,-euro a month, anyone who is not a member of the Auto Club, are with 35,-euro.

Also, the Smartphone can be seen, it is but a flagship of the industry, a Samsung Galaxy S5, a high-end Smartphone. To this great mobile phone there are then still a Smartwatch, more specifically, a gear fit, also from the House of Samsung. In conjunction with the hardware, this tariff is a really interesting thing. Not only fans of Samsung here make the right decision when they choose for this power pack.