SmarTwatCh: Nerd Smartwatch Self-Made

There are now a growing Smartwatchmarkt. By round about square up to 360 ° displays, there are many different features and equipment. Zack Freedman was far too impersonal. That’s why he built himself a nerd Smartwatch.

He has built his personal wearable with unusual materials. Inside is an Arduino compatible teensy Microcontroller board basis. The circuit is of course this improvised.

Toggle switch and a dial used as controls. But the method to the shows all topt. A vacuum fluorescent display with 60 Volt filament similar to that seen by cash registers in stores . Collected is the fun in a 3D-gedruckten case. Powered by a 800 mAh lithium-polymer battery

Functions? Just crazy!

Let’s start with the more normal functions. With integrated into its SmarTwatCh , the self-proclaimed cyborg has a flashlight and a laser pointer.

For a fun evening it has built in function a TV-B-gone, which allows him to turn off pretty much every TV in North America, this saves the handle to the remote control. In addition a breath alcohol test.

He wants to make his project to timely online wiring diagrams.

Freedman wants to continue working on his project in future. For future modules is therefore already a Bluetooth module installed. Also he could very well imagine a synthesizer on the arm.