Sony SmartWatch 2: New Update Brings Its Own Wallpaper

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This update has gone us yesterday completely through the cloth. However, would we not withheld 2 on 1.0.B.5.28/1.0.A.4.11 you on the innovations of the version jump Sony Smartwatch. As for owners of SW 2 there is a new and very useful function thus.

In our test, the Sony SmartWatch 2 cropped rather average, convinced but still solid. The new update eliminates from at least a point of criticism. It is available in the Google play store available and can be updated only by the Smartphone – which is just as well, so you must not connect the clock on the computer.

The new version (finally) brings the possibility of draufzuspielen your own wallpaper on the clock. So, more individuality gets catchment. Previously you had to befriend with the backgrounds provided by Sony.

Certainly, it will be not the last update of the 2 Sony SmartWatch. But in the near future is already the successor in the wings. Wait, what brings this for exclusive functions.