Spain – Europe’s Most Popular Tourist Destination

Spanish resorts attract millions of tourists every year. Read the Rantapallo destination guide for the best ideas for your trip to the sun! According to countryaah, Spain is a country located in southern Europe.

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Spain is surprising with its versatility

For decades, the Spanish climate, nature and culture have fascinated Finns so much that the country is by far the most popular beach holiday destination for Finnish tourists. However, in addition to the sunny beaches, Spain also has a lot to offer, and a holiday in the Canary or Mallorca type is by no means the only way to enjoy Spain.

With a population of nearly 50 million, there are many resorts that combine the hustle and bustle of a big city with historical attractions and an immersive atmosphere.

With a population of just over three million, the Spanish capital, Madrid, is by far the largest population center in the country, known not only for its nightlife, but also for its shopping streets and world-famous museums. The pride of Catalonia Barcelona, on the other hand, is located in the northeast of the country and is a great combination of urban and beach resorts. In football, the two cities and their teams are each other’s arch-enemies. Slightly smaller than the above are Seville in Andalusia and Valencia on the east coast. According to Finnish standards, there is enough hustle and bustle in these cities of almost one million inhabitants.

Resort services keep tourists happy.

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For a beach holiday all year round

Anyone looking for a beach holiday can head to Spain almost regardless of the season. Potential resorts can be found on both the east and south coasts, not forgetting the archipelagos, of course.

The Canary Islands are known as a great beach holiday destination. More than ten million annual visitors cannot be wrong: the fine-grained, ideal climate and activity-rich archipelago has all the elements needed for a classic beach holiday. Slightly closer are the Balearic Islands. Like the Canary Islands, Mallorca in the Balearic Islands in particular has enjoyed popularity among tourists for decades. Mallorca and its neighbors are currently experiencing a new rise in popularity among Finnish tourists. The small island of Menorca is charming with its idyllic.

On the mainland, you should head to Catalonia or Andalusia for the beach. The Spanish Costa del Sol in particular, with its numerous beach resorts, is a great place for sun worship.

Food and wine experiences on offer

Throughout its long history, Spaniards have been in contact with many different civilizations and cultures. This is clearly noticeable in the delicacies of Spanish cuisine.

The specialties of Spanish cuisine vary depending on where in Spain you move. Locals all over the country are very proud of the delicacies of their own provinces. However, many dishes worth trying are well known everywhere, although the name may vary.

Tapas are eaten all over Spain. Small mouthfuls are most often eaten by hand. A couple of good friends, a glass of beer or wine and a tapas plate are part of a Spanish evening. Due to its maritime location, seafood is strongly present in Spanish cuisine. In particular, you should try seafood paella. Other country classics include chorizo ​​sausage, gazpacho soup and tortilla de patatas.

In addition to food, Spain is known for its wines. The country is one of the largest wine producing countries in the world. There are different styles of wine regions across the country, each producing its own typical wines – red, white and sparkling. There are countless vineyards in a large wine-producing country and the quality shrine is huge. However, try to find your own favorites. If you want to learn more about a particular wine, you should definitely visit the producer’s winery.

No fear of lack of doing

In beach resorts, while lounging in the sun, you can enjoy water sports such as water skiing or banana boating. Surfers should head to Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or the north coast of Spain, for example – all of these destinations also offer instruction for beginners.

There are also several diving centers in Spain and the warm waters invite snorkeling to explore colorful fish species, especially in the Catalan Medas and the Balearic Islands.

In the varied nature of Spain, the tourist also enjoys sports. For example, cycling, horseback riding and hiking trips are good options. The country also offers a great setting for mountaineering, rafting and canoeing. The highest peaks in Spain rise to more than three kilometers. In southern Spain, the days are relaxed with motoring, beach life or golf. A golf enthusiast will find 80 golf courses in Spain, most of which are 18-hole. In addition, tennis is often available at the hotel.

Is this the best climate in Europe?

According to abbreviationfinder, Spain is part of the Mediterranean climate zone. Summers are hot and sunny. The annual number of sunny days on the Spanish coast is about 300. In winter, on the other hand, it is mild and the summer is clearly wetter. Although the summer season is the most popular tourist season, Spain is a year-round travel destination. In the south, the weather stays pleasantly mild even during the winter months.

Of course, the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, where beach holidays are organized throughout the winter, have their own chapters. The Canary Islands boast the best climate in Europe or even the whole world. Northern Spain has a clearly cooler climate, which means pleasantly warm summers and rainy winters.