Starting at $99 – ASUS Smartwatch in September?

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While in the past few days thanks to the Google I/O mainly the Smartwatches of Motorola, LG and Samsung sunbathing in our headlines, we want to lose even the other watches not out of sight. ASUS for example wants to bring his Smartwatch in the course of the current year in the trade.

We knew so far quite little about the entry of Taiwanese in the wearable market, for the first time (solid) rumors flare up. Therefore shall the ASUS Smartwatch with an AMOLED display to be equipped and given the fact that build on Android wear, that ASUS is one of the official Android Wear- hardware-partner is, should hardly be surprising. In September, the clock will wrestle with the iWatch applied also in this period to customers expected and probably directly.

The price is it still not fixed. With 99 or $149 ASUS could have but significantly cheaper his Smartwatches depending on the size of the stack, as the currently active competitors. You have to fight with their prizes of up to $300 already pretty.