Sweden – an Easy and Popular Tourist Destination

The western neighbor is a nice destination

Sweden, located in the western part of Finland, is the first foreign travel destination for many. There is a lot to do and experience in Sweden for families with children. Lovers of culture, fashion and good food also enjoy Stockholm’s wide range, especially.

A cruise to Sweden is certainly familiar to almost every Finn. The sights of Stockholm, the ski resorts of northern Sweden and Kolmården Zoo have also been standard destinations for Finns for a long time. Short for SW by abbreviationfinder, Sweden is a country located in North Europe according to countryaah.

For skiers and skiers, the ski resorts in northern Sweden are closer than the Alps, but offer a nice variation on the slopes of Finnish Lapland.


Stockholm is undoubtedly the city with the most happening, but Gothenburg and Malmö in the south can also be interesting city holiday destinations. You can also conveniently pop from Malmö on the Danish side.

The university city of Uppsala, located on the east coast of Sweden, is also known as the hometown of Pekka Töpöhännä, so the city is a good tourist destination for both families with children and those looking for a lively student life.

Travelers love Stockholm’s Old Town.

The climate is similar to Finland

The climate in Sweden is in many ways very similar to that in Finland. However, southern Sweden tends to be warmer and the climate is more reminiscent of Central Europe. In northern Sweden, winters are cold and snowy, but snow also generally comes from elsewhere in the country.

Sweden is an ideal year-round travel destination for the whole family. A weekend city break in Stockholm or some other city is a welcome break from everyday life and there is plenty to do in the ski resorts of the north from late autumn to early spring.

Something for everybody

It is a short trip from Finland to Sweden, and people travel to the neighboring country for many reasons. Others go to Sweden for a city break, some for a car ride and the rest for a nature trip. The country is full of interesting destinations, and although it may be a bit difficult to admit in Finnish, Sweden is a really diverse tourist country.

Swedish cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala offer great opportunities for a successful city break. Although the capital is clearly Sweden’s most popular city destination, it also makes the holiday journey fast in other cities.

Finns are a familiar sight on Swedish roads, and a car trip through Sweden is planned by many Finnish tourists. In the neighboring country, driving is quite easy, as you can conveniently cross the border from Northern Finland by car, and the Swedish road network is good, in addition to which the roads are also in excellent condition.

Active holidaymakers have also discovered Sweden, as there are plenty of wonderful nature sites and great opportunities for activities. Swedish Lapland, for example, is ideal for active tourism.

In terms of price level, Sweden is at the level of Finland, but fluctuations in the exchange rate of the krona can make it an affordable holiday destination from time to time. It is worth checking the exchange rate of the Swedish krona against the euro before the trip.

Easy and familiar culture

Finnish and Swedish culture do not differ significantly. The fraternal peoples have lived side by side and in the course of history have even been from the same country, so the Finn does not face major cultural differences in Sweden.

Swedish is spoken in Sweden, but in major cities and most popular tourist destinations, the tourist is also fluent in English. You also know Finnish, but language skills are especially emphasized in border cities. For example, in Haparanda, the service is also available in Finnish from most places.


An atmospheric cottage holiday in the southern Swedish archipelago is especially popular in summer.

Travelers love Stockholm’s Old Town

By plane, ship or car to a neighboring country

You can get to Sweden from Finland in many different ways. In addition to Helsinki, you can fly to Stockholm from several other Finnish airports. For example, Finnair, SAS and Norwegian operate flights between Finnish and Swedish cities.

Stockholm has two airports, Arlanda and Bromma, of which Bromma is closer to the city center. However, most flights land at Arlanda, Sweden’s largest airport.

The crossing of the Baltic Sea is slower on the ship, but if you are not in a hurry for anything and you enjoy being on the ship, a sea trip is a good option. Stockholm can be reached by boat from Helsinki and Turku.

In addition to ships and aircraft, Sweden can also be reached from northern Finland by car and bus. You can also take your own car on board, allowing you to get around Sweden by car.