The Kaplans Clock and Casio Smart Watches

Watches are becoming an increasingly common feature here at Manolo. Partly because we have an almost unhealthy interest in the subject but also because we believe it is a natural part of the male dress code and perhaps the most obvious accessory for us men. At the weekend, specifically on Saturday the 15th of november goes Kaplans big clock auction “Clock”. We visited the auction house for a private preview.

Kaplan has much due to the exclusive clock quality emerged as the strongest auction house on just watches in Sweden and when “Quality” is held twice a year (May and November) are the stakeholders and major collectors from around the world on location in Hall on library Street.

This fall’s version is a little extra interesting because it is the 20th Edition since inception in 2004. We had a chat with Garry W hagen; clock expert at Kaplans Auktioner and got a look at some of the highlights of the auction.

What are your 5 favorite from the autumn Clock quality?

I actually have quite a few favorites from the auction but if I skip the Rolex Daytona “RCO” so I intend on 5 Favorites from a little different price categories:


# 145 Pretto -a stunning clock closer to 80 years old with an early automatic movement. The clock has tomhänglappen left and it almost feels a bit like time stood still when you are holding it.


# 105 Heuer -a wonderful and stylish 60 ‘s of chronograph with Valjoux movements from classical. I think these 2-register Chronographs is elegant because it’s so clean design on the dial.


# 82 IWC As 70-talister must of course just like the ugly/nice “Funky” design. Funny that the link is still there but I would have liked to have worn it on a nice leather strap.


# 55 Patek Nautilus is truly an icon in the watch world as Gerald Genta designed, the condition is magical and it sits great on your arm.


# 166 Lange -there is something special with the weight of a watch in Platinum conveys! I like the subtle design and the solid quality.


Kaplans Clock quality celebrates 10 years as is well known, and how would you say that the development has gone since you started the 2004?

It’s quite fun to look back at the 20 Clock qualities we have had. The basic idea has from the very beginning has been to bring in items that amuses us as collectors ‘ items, the price of the objects have never been the most important factor in the selection. As the Clock quality has become a concept both in Sweden and internationally, both the submission and the demand increased. Today, we always have a number of international collectors and dealers who come to Stockholm for Clock quality and at the same time, we have full load on multiple phones during the auction. This year, for the first time the printed catalogue completely in English to meet the international audience. Here at allcitycodes you can get more different models and styles.

How are you going to do to ensure that the items you bring in is real and valued correctly?

Above all, it is about experience, knowledge and instincts. Because we do not leave any values directly to customers without taking them for valuation, we will always have the opportunity to examine the clocks accurately. All watches are opened, checked with special loupes, lamps, lists, literature, and occasionally with other experts. At the finer watches, we always have an internal discussion to check that we have the same opinion.

In the end, it is important to have good images and a complete cataloging of items to all regardless of distance has items to form their opinion before bidding.


You are known to always sell your watches in the condition they are in when you get them. How is it that you have not chosen to wash, clean or embellish the bells before the auctions?

We think the sincerest way is to present the objects in this way. Condition conveys a sense of what time has been through already. Then it’s up to the new owner to assess how and to what extent a clock shall be conditioned after the auction. Many collectors have explicitly said that they appreciate this.


Last but not least, the clock on the quality do you think will be the real rocket ship to keep an eye on that go up the most in percentage from the starting price?

We will probably see a lot of interest in Rolex # 56 already initially has the highest call since there are other objects that tex Heuer # 95 and Certina # 135 which I think will go up a lot.

Patek Philippe ref 5100. An impressive 10 days of work in the Pateks rectangular Gondoloserie. (#1)

The auction’s paired specimens is the very rare version of “Paul Newman”-Daytona with black so called RCO Board. Exclamations are set to join the 1.5 million but I suspect that the final price will be closer to double that. (#56)

A little different but exciting feature is this watch from Halda. The reference is the same (not copies) that came with the first spaceflight a Swedish astronaut carried out. That Crown has no less than right Christer Fuglesang signed box. (#148)

One of our absolute favorite models are Pateks Nautilus. Here in an almost perfect state of original REF. 3700 from 1982. (#55)

Want to or can not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars has the quality range of cheaper out in extremely good condition. This Heuer Autavia with perfectly aged so called “Tropical” plate is a really lovely sjuttiotalsex. (#95)

To collect or take an interest in watches need not be about the most expensive possible specimens. This is a great example of a copy in good condition with an affordable price. Omega’s classic “Constellation” designed by Gerald Genta. (#12)

Old beautiful 1940 ‘s chronograph in steel from Eterna for coffee money. (#68)

More 40 ‘s Romance from Longines. Here with the iconic 13ZN-work that many believe is the premier chronograph movement. (#131)

Mulligt from IWC in the form of an early Aquatimer. (#82)

Tudor, who has always been Rolex “little brother” has in recent years been a marked surge in price. Here in the form of its little own interpretation of Submarinern called “Snowflake”. This is because the shape of the hour hands and index pull reminiscent of a snowflake. This copy is much used but still in more or less the unpolished condition. (#60)

Case sharp edges testify to minimal if any polishing.

  1. Lange & Söhne is the player who perhaps aspires to a place in the Holy treenheten. With sky high finish and horologi of world class shows the that the Germans from Glashutte can too. In this model, the Grande Langematik Sax-o-mat in Platinum. (#166)

The work, which can be seen through the glass back is finisherat at the highest level.

The last of Gerald Calina design elements from his own brand. The wonderfully playful Donald Duck clock with retrogradefunktion where the hour appears at the bottom and the minutes are read after Kalle’s baseball bat. (#98)