The Smartwatch Choose Design (Classic) to Retrieve Your Wrist But, Would Succeed?

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Can watch lost the wrist of users? One either do not, of course, but and the smartwatchs? Manufacturers thus wish and absence of new ideas, have chosen the classic clock of wrist in almost all cases.

Those smartwatchs that will be hitting the market in the last quarter of the year, with prices of between 200 and 350 euros, they cling to the design that the user related first attempts to both the classic circular square (and slightly curved) format with a clock.

Get handsome, fashion enters the land of the smartwatchs

Apple has been recording nonstop to people from the world of fashion is not a coincidence. The wearables will have a life cycle that begins now, and is a category of product, to take it up, requires the arrival of who we have been guiding what put us.

The first announcement of the Apple Watch pays attention, even more than usual in the company (which is enough) to design and range of accessories for your first advanced watch. In Cupertino don’t have opted for a design round, somewhat strange because it is the trend that is being imposed or at least which like most among users.

The reference is the bike 360, surely the smartwatch that most did sigh to consumers by their appearance. On the same line LG G Watch R, the second attempt of the Korean company has been placed and that goes to show what we commented: the round seems the preferred option.

If we look at other players, watch already takes forms more comfortable or sensible to carry more than just the time to your screen. There’s the ASUS ZenWatch and also the Gear S from Samsung, which after many attempts, it seems that it has given a well balanced model in design, although it unclear with the operating system by which bet.

The proposals of the leading manufacturers, which aims less to fashion in the sense of details or even materials, is Sony with its 3 Smartwatch. The Japanese strength with a heart that can put several straps, by now with very sporty, and where the resistance (IP68) is slightly above the rest of the contenders.

Size and battery, we need to talk

It is also common to all contenders this year to win us to their cause the size of the clocks. The search for balance between display and size is complex, and in general, we must talk about pretty strong smartwatchs:

Apple Watch Samsung Gear S LG G Watch R Motorola Moto 360 Sony Smartwatch 3 ASUS Zenwatch
Screen 2″ 1.3″ 1.5″ 1.6″ 1.6″
Density (ppp) 300 278 205 278 278
Weight (gr) 49 45 50+25
Thickness (mm) 12.5 11.5 7.9-9.4
Length (mm) 42 39.8 x 58.3 45 x 55 46 50.6 x 39.8

Even with a sizable, the battery is the common to all the smartwatch weak point so far. Day use due to their continuous connectivity and full-color displays is the figure that is repeated more, and I have no doubt that in some cases will be even lower that you want to get out. There is perhaps where manufacturers can be making the big mistake, as a daily load for a wearable isn’t something like no one.

And the sport?

Despite its design seriously, all these smartwatches do not renounce that you take them to do sports. IP67 protection is common in all of them, with the exception of the model from ASUS which is IP55 and SmartWatch 3 of Sony which is IP68.

Precisely because of its series of plastic straps, Sony model transmits to be the best alternative in this sense. And you are right I think, as now combine fashion and sporting aspirations is complicated If not opt for a system of agile change of belts. There it says Apple for example.

Two other important when talking about the use of a smartwatch features are connectivity and performance as a heart rate monitor. Many watches already have system for, by means of optical technology, to measure our keystrokes while we exercise.

As for the GPS, include it only the Gear S from Samsung and Sony 3 Smartwatch, and the clock have value by itself as beyond sports pedometers or accelerometers, is important. In others we must resort to the smartphone GPS.