The Use of The Smartwatch While We Drive Will Be Guarded to Prevent Accidents

Campaigns that influence are common in improper use of smartphones by drivers at the wheel, but gradually begins to glimpse the use of another device that aims to be more and more frequent: the smartwatches, fellow sufferers of the phones but that they can also cause major ills to its users.

Following the launch of the Apple Watch last week, United Kingdom governmental entities have begun to show their first cards: the use of the smartwatch at the wheel will be treated as if it were a smartphone, without punches. The penalties in United Kingdom come up to two years in prison before an accident with victims, or fines of 100 pounds and the withdrawal of three points of the flesh if the police caught you red-handed.

In Spain the bodies have not spoken, but there is no doubt that it will end up doing as the smartwatches are gaining users. As a reference, fines for speaking by mobile phone while at the wheel are a serious violation, fined 200 euros and 3 points of the meat; in case of an accident with another type of damage (personal or material) the repercussions are, logically, larger.

There is no doubt that using a mobile phone at the wheel is disastrous for driving quality, important mistakes that can lead to serious accidents causing. Something similar happens with the smartwatches, Although they will have to be the competent authorities in each country which confirm the administrative sanctions. English has already taken the first step, and sure that others are not slow to mention their plans.