Timex Offers a Clock in Disposable Nails

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Timex It is one of the best-known worldwide watch manufacturers, and this year fulfilled its 150th anniversary. To celebrate this, and given the current trend to create smart watches, have created a competition to propose new ideas When show time.

The contest involved designers from more than 70 countries that have proposed something more traditional concepts (watches), but also clocks integrated in clothes (wearables) or especially original proofs of concept. Among the outstanding, disposable nail showing the time.

These nail, created by a group of American designers, would allow display information about the time and they would also be translucent, perfectly integrated with the real nails of the user. The designers also highlighted the possibility of enjoying different colors and fonts.

This design, known as TX54, It was not the winner in the category Wearables in parcicipo – made it StickerWatch, a “smart stickers” that can be used in any tissue-, but it is certainly one original concept.