Tissot Generosi with Dresses for Pregnancy Women

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We already described in previous articles, we find the stories behind the brands and the individual collections exciting and want to share these with you gladly. A watch is not always just a timepiece, it embodies a certain emotion, which should also fit the wearer. One identifies itself with a watch model in a certain way as well as with one’s own car, the clothes style or the furnishing taste. A watch is always a statement and individualizes the personal types. The new models of the Tissot generosi collection are a perfect example of the fact that the designers first deal intensively with the possible wearers, their needs and demands and then create the perfect watch. The line Tissot Generosi-T, a tribute to the women, has come out. If you take a closer look at the curved shapes of the individual models, you will find a direct reference to the gentle curves that characterize a female body. The solid stainless steel bracelet, which gives the watch a slightly rough touch, appears as a contrast. Two superimposed forms allied themselves, creating a flattering silhouette.

A total of six different models are available and make the decision not easy. The robust and robust stainless steel housing easily withstands the rigors of everyday life. The two available dial colors in classic black or fashionable white can be perfectly combined to the business outfit as well as the leisure dress, which is suitable for pregnancy women.

In addition, there are differently colored mother-of-pearl dials giving the watch an additional feminine accent. If you prefer a bit glamorous and striking, the variant with yellow gold PVD coating is well served. The diamond trim provides for a special touch of extravagance.