Travel to Asia

Countries in Central Asia


Uzbekistan is well squeezed inside the middle of Central Asia. However, the country is huge and with about 30 million inhabitants. The old caravan towns peep up in rows as we drive off the Silk Road.

There is so much to see and we try to make room for both culture and stunning scenery. Among other things, we set course for the Kyzyl Kum desert, where the finest soft cotton fields look like a mirror image of the clouds of the sky.


Between Russian Siberia, China’s Inner Mongolia and the Xinjiang region lies beautiful Mongolia. Here, steppe land, the Gobi Desert and lush forest areas mingle. In the western part of the country, Altai reigns supreme.

The nomadic traditions have roots in Mongolia, where many things are still done in the traditional way. For example, many have a traditional Ger in the backyard, where Mongolian traditional drinks are enjoyed.

The climate in Central Asia

When the trip goes to Central Asia, we travel to an area that is well hidden inside behind mountain peaks and far from the coastlines. Therefore, Central Asia is characterized by continental climate. It is seen and felt on the champagne-colored blasted earth and the many rock formations. On your trip to Central Asia, you will therefore not experience much farming either. Areas with a continental climate are especially recognized for the very cold winters and enormously hot summers, which stand in stark contrast to each other.

Travel to the West Asia

In the west Asia listed on, there are some gems that fit wonderfully into our range. The Middle East offers both fascinating temples and beautiful summit hikes on Damavand – Iran’s highest mountain at 5,671 meters.

You must fasten your seatbelt when traveling to the Middle East. You barely have time to plant your feet on the fiery sandy soil before the many impressions begin to rumble in your body. Here are so many cultural relics from a history-laden past. Moreover, nature is very far from what we know in Europe . The dry desert, whereby occasional small oases bloom, is a very special experience.

A trip to the west Asia can, in fact, go many places. The term “Middle East” is used to cover the geopolitical and cultural area, which extends over a larger area in Southwest Asia as well as Egypt and the countries around the Persian Gulf. A trip to the Middle East can, for example, go to Qatar, Jordan, Iran, Palestine or the Asian part of Turkey.

Countries in the West Asia


A trip to the Jordan of the Middle East is an Arab adventure beyond the usual. Here are stone plains and champagne-colored desert sand as far as the eye can see. Hist and piste grow a thorn bush – with the exception of the 5 km2 of land, which is still fertile.

In the cities, the people gather around the busy bazaars and exciting souks. Do you want to experience the exciting nature outside the bustle of the city? So look forward to hidden valleys, forgotten mausoleum and beautiful views.

Travel to West Asia

Good forms of travel

On safari and nature trips, you can both relax in the safari car while you see and experience new things, but you also have the opportunity to be active on walks through the rainforest and out in the fascinating nature. On our travels, you are guaranteed a combination of both things, if you wish. On a safari and nature trip with Tourist Travel, you have the option of choosing both a group trip or an individual trip. Whatever form of travel you choose, you will experience unique natural scenery and wildlife up close. Read more about the different forms of travel below.

Individual travel

On Tourist Travel’s individual journeys, you achieve the most flexible form of travel. Here, your own wishes can be combined with our tour guides’ knowledge and expertise of the destination in question. You can therefore help to make the route planning yourself and do not have to take others into account. Even if you are alone on an adventure, Tourist Travel will be involved in planning your trip from start to finish. Through this, your dream trip can be created, as you get a trip exactly according to your wishes. If you choose an individual trip, you can still have the trip tailored so that everything is arranged from home, and you do not have to worry about managing on your own. Furthermore, this form of travel is most often the cheapest solution contrary to popular belief.

Group travel

If you choose to go on a safari and nature trip with a group, you are guaranteed knowledgeable and competent Danish tour guides. On a safari and nature trip with our Danish tour guides, you are guaranteed competent guidance throughout the trip. The tour guides have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the destination after many years of experience and expertise. Our group trips are always in small groups of between 10-18 people. With this, we ensure that the journey becomes personal and fulfills the wishes of the travelers. On the group trip, you will be guaranteed the best trip, where you will experience the most important nature scenery and best national parks, as our tour guides know the best places at that destination.