United States – a Diverse Tourist Destination

The United States offers tourists millions of cities and startlingly beautiful national parks.

The United States is full of history, culture, and attractions familiar from television and movies. The local life of the small towns gives a feel to the everyday life of the country, and depending on the location, you can find mountains, the seafront or the open prairie in the surrounding landscapes.


50 States

According to countryaah, the United States of America is a federation located largely in North America. The state, with a total of 50 states, is a great destination for city, car and beach holidays, as there is plenty to see in the vast country. In terms of population and area, the United States is the third largest country in the world.

The most famous attractions in the United States include the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, the Colorado scenery, the Hollywood Hills and the Statue of Liberty, as well as the country’s largest cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC or Las Vegas. There are also places for traditional beach vacationers in the United States, as Florida, for example, is an ideal place for sun worshipers. Florida is also home to the great children’s favorite Disney World.

The best way to experience the United States is to embark on a car ride through the country.

Varying weather conditions

Conditions range from California heat to Alaska’s winter mountain scenery. In the southern United States, the climate is always relatively warm, and in the southern states of the east coast, subtropical forests grow. In the western parts of the United States, deciduous forest first turns into a prairie, and on the lowlands between the Rocky Mountains and the Cascade Mountains into desert and rainless plateau plains.

The best travel time depends on the destination. New York, for example, has the most favorable travel weather in early and late summer, while Florida can also travel in the winter. The hottest is in the southern states, and in Arizona, for example, temperatures can rise as high as 50 degrees during the summer.

If you have plans to tour more U.S. destinations, it’s best to play it safe and travel in either late spring or early fall. Then the temperatures are tolerable to Finnish tastes almost everywhere.

Something for everybody

Travel to the United States for a city break, car ride, relax on the beach, or hike in nature. A great country offers many opportunities, and not everything can be experienced at once.

The huge state is particularly well-suited for car travel, as both rapidly changing landscapes and changing altitude differences ensure that you do not fall asleep behind the wheel. The car can be conveniently moved from one place to another, the roads are mostly in good condition.

It is worth shopping in the United States, because the country is cheap from a Finnish point of view. A circularly lower price level than in the home country ensures that few return empty-handed from the United States. The state-specific tax is added on top of the prices in stores, so the number on the price tag is not always the final price. Before the trip, it is wise to check the current exchange rate of the dollar against the euro.


Culture familiar from television

A Finn traveling to the United States usually adapts easily to cultural differences. English is spoken in the United States, so courtesy of the language is good to remember, as is small talk. A traveler in the United States does well by following general rules of conduct and dress, and by using common sense.

The English language is great enough in the United States, but especially when traveling near the Mexican border, it helps if you even know Spanish.

The United States is essentially a safe tourist destination when you only understand taking local warnings seriously and avoiding notorious areas. For example, there are occasional riots near the Mexican border, so it is advisable to follow the local media in case of them.

From March to August, there is a tornado season during which hurricanes occur especially in Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, and northern Texas. A tornado can sometimes strike out of season as well. In the event of a hurricane threat, seek protection immediately and leave the car immediately. Good shelters include bathtubs and cellars.

From an indigenous home to a Western superpower

The first humans migrated to the soil of present-day United States as early as tens of thousands of years ago from Siberia. Before the conquest of the Europeans, America was inhabited by indigenous peoples who gradually disappeared in the face of the superiority of the European conquerors. The territories of the present United States did not become familiar to the old world, or Europe, until the early 16th century. The first official observation of America was made by Christopher Columbus when he landed in present-day Puerto Rico in 1493.

The discovery began the growth of the future United States. Residents have flowed into the American continent from around the world, sometimes more eagerly, sometimes less eagerly. In the first half of the 19th century, the size of the United States nearly tripled as the settlers conquered the West, and after the Civil War of 1861-1865, a large number of immigrants arrived in the hope of a better life.

The temptation was that immigrants were allowed to take over a certain amount of land from a vacant place they wanted, for free, of course. During this legendary period, when law enforcement in border areas was deficient and robberies were commonplace, the concept of the Wild West was born.

After World Wars and the Cold War, the United States became by far the most influential superpower, still one of the most influential in the world today. As a result of centuries of immigration, the United States has become a veritable melting pot of peoples, with people gathered from all over the world making up the American population.


Short for US by abbreviationfinder, the United States offers unforgettable urban experiences and numerous landscapes familiar from movies and TV series.

By flying to many cities

The easiest way to get to the United States from Finland is to fly. Direct flights from Helsinki to New York cost about 500 euros. Flights to Los Angeles can also be obtained for € 500, but usually tickets to the West Coast cost € 600 each way. At its cheapest, special flights to New York can be obtained for about 300 euros.

In addition to flying to the United States, you can travel from Europe by ship. Not only cargo ships are available, but also passenger ships from England to the United States.

The level and price of accommodation varies

There are many affordable accommodations available in the United States: roadside motels are inexpensive, but big city hotels and even hostels can be surprisingly expensive.

The price level varies greatly depending on the location. A roadside motel can cost a quadruple room for $ 20, while a bed in a New York hostel can cost up to $ 40 a night. A 2-star hotel in New York costs an average of 80 euros a night.

Accommodations are, on average, quite clean, but in large cities, you should also be prepared for poor-quality accommodation, regardless of price. New York City in particular has an embarrassing lude problem, and the beds are worth checking out in fine hotels as well. During the summer, hotel rooms around the United States may also run into cockroaches.

It’s easy to move around the United States

The best way to move within the United States is to rent a car. Renting a car is effortless, and only requires a credit card and enough age, as the majority of rental companies do not rent a car to anyone under 25 years of age. The rental car can be conveniently moved within the country and, if necessary, can be returned even to the other side of the United States. Driving is easy as the roads are in good condition and there are plenty of services along them. Driving a car is quite safe as the traffic rules are well followed.

In addition to a rental car, a bus is also a great way to get from one place to another, as there are several bus companies in the United States that offer domestic travel. When choosing a bus company, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the ticket price but also to the duration of the trip, the number of stops and travel comfort.

The U.S. train network is also comprehensive. The country’s railway company, Amtrak, has good connections around the country, and the train reaches 46 states. There are more than 500 destinations in total.

Because of the long distances, flying within the United States is also common, and there are also airports in small towns. There are plenty of flights available within the United States, and due to price competition, airfare can be obtained quite cheaply.


The majority of Las Vegas casinos are located along the famous The Strip.


New York attracts time and time again

Also known as the capital of the world, New York is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. The city of eight million inhabitants offers tourists a variety of things to see from skyscrapers to sandy beaches. The city is full of different cultures as well as international food, and you can almost never hear just English on a metro ride.

New York is ideal for the metropolitan-hungry city traveler who is interested in different cultures or at least the shopping opportunities the city has to offer. The city is made up of counties, the most famous of which is Manhattan. Other counties include Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.

New York, located on the East Coast, is the most common destination for your first trip to the United States, but New York differs significantly from other major U.S. cities. The city’s iconic yellow taxis, skyscrapers seeking the sky, and the old rustling subway create a unique atmosphere in New York.

The capital Washington DC offers culture and places of interest

The U.S. capital, Washington DC is known not only for its White House but also for other patriotic attractions in the country. The city is best suited for the traveler interested in U.S. history and politics.

In addition to the White House, Washington’s number one attractions include the State Capitol and the Washington Monument.

There is plenty to see in diverse Chicago

Located in the state of Illinois, Chicago is a diverse destination where there is no easy end to doing. Located right on the shores of Lake Michigan, the city offers tourists a variety of attractions, the most distinctive of which is The Cloud Gate, known colloquially as The Bean, located in Chicago’s most popular park, Millennium Park. In addition to the park, there is plenty to see elsewhere in the city. The tall skyscrapers form a stunning skyline of the city that is a must see during your Chicago vacation.

Although Chicago is an international city of less than three million inhabitants, due to its relaxed atmosphere, one can easily forget that one is a city of millions.

The liberal hippie town of San Francisco

Located in the northern part of the state of California, San Francisco is known as the most liberal city in the United States. In San Francisco, for example, there is Castro, filled with rainbow flags, called the gay district, and Haight & Ashbury, popular with hippies.

Hilly San Francisco is quite a challenging destination for the walking traveler, as steep hills and freezing sea breezes are not the best possible combination. Although San Francisco is located in California, known as a warm state, the city doesn’t reach the limits of hell even every summer.

San Francisco’s most popular attractions include the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the Alcatraz Prison Island in front of the city. Sea lions, who relax casually on the city’s piers, are also firmly part of San Francisco’s journey.

Sinful Las Vegas is the gambler’s heaven

Built in the middle of the Nevada desert, the casino city of Las Vegas is known around the world. The city of casinos is an oasis in the middle of the desert that satisfies all needs.

Built along The Strip, the city is full of one of the most incomprehensible casino complexes, with a hotel, a casino, a shopping mall and a restaurant world at its best. The street also features miniature versions of Venice, Paris and New York, but also a medieval fairytale castle and a huge pyramid.

Las Vegas heats up to highs in the summer, but there’s not much heat in the cooled casinos. In addition to game tables, you can spend time in Las Vegas with swimming pools, huge buffets or amusement park equipment on the roof of a skyscraper.

Movie stars in Los Angeles are warm all year round

Located on the west coast of the United States, Los Angeles is one of the country’s flagship film industry cities. The city has many movie studios for tourists to visit.

Los Angeles is built over a really large area, which is why a car is a must in the city. Traffic congestion is massive and it takes a lot of time to move from one place to another. Using local public transport instead of your own car is quite risky.

In Southern California, the sun almost always shines, and Los Angeles is also warm year-round. The temperature approaches twenty degrees even during the winter months. Los Angeles ’most famous attractions include not only several beaches but also the famous Hollywood sign and the star-filled Walk of Fame.

Hawaii is a paradise destination for locals

Hawaii is one of the legendary resorts favored by Americans. The most diverse island in Hawaii is the Big Island, with the highest mountains in the Pacific, the Mauna Loan and the Mauna Kea volcanoes. There is also a functioning volcano Kilaue on the Big Island.

The most unforgettable walk of your stay can be done in the heat of Volcanos National Park or in the rainforest. Stunning beaches can be found along the Kona-Kohala coast along with lava fields, coffee plantations and charming Hawaiian villages.

Another popular holiday island in Hawaii is Maui, where you can watch the sunrise in the scenery of Haleakala Volcano, play golf on the island’s dozens of courses, or dive in the clear waters. Alaskan whales will winter in Maui waters from December to April, when it will be possible to see them.

50 states


The state of Florida pampers tourists with warmth.

The most beautiful national parks

  1. Grand Canyon
  2. Yosemite
  3. Yellowstone
  4. Monument Valley
  5. Rocky Mountains

The best beach towns

  1. San Diego
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Miami
  4. Hamptons
  5. New York

The most delicious burgers

  1. Five Guys
  2. Shake Shack
  3. In-N-Out
  4. Fatburger
  5. Sonic