VEA Buddy: Release of the Bluetooth Smartwatch Still Unknown

It is a heartbreaking history. The VEA buddy from the French manufacturer VEA could have become one of the newcomers on the fledgling Smartwatch market. In 2013, it launched on the occasion of the planned release of the Bluetooth Smartwatch An Indiegogo campaign. Donations amounting to 320,000 dollars were expected. Everyone could be for a small payment by $150 advance a copy of the VEA buddy watch in black + $15 shipping secure. The Smartwatch August 2013 should be delivered to. But it was quite different: at the end were only 115.293 dollars despite strong media coverage on credit watch. VEA had failed…

Shortly after completing the Indiegogo campaign, the French but announced the following:

In any case the watch will be produced! VEA has experience with industrialization. Every contributor will have their buddy!

A bright spot for the 700 participants of the campaign. VEA wants to continue – but the release to the public is delayed. Also on the hotel’s own Web site, you can order in the Veabuddy. No word However by a possible release date. We have contacted the makers by press inquiries, an answer can be found-not yet in our Inbox now. Should we get further information with regard to the current state, then we will of course they you and communicated the VEA theme page on our site.