Watches with Bracelet in Canvas Bring Color to the Visual Male

Colourful watches are not new, since the 80’s and the fever of the Champion they exchanged the bracelet of plastic or the various models of Swatch, each with its own theme, we see this kind of accessory is becoming pop in from time to time.

Watches with Bracelet in Canvas Bring Color to the Visual Male

Why use?

In fact it all has to do with “timing”, after all we now have the wave “preppy” spreading color nautical accessories, bracelets for men taking to the streets and the man each time more connected into the details that can leave your visual cool, in a scenario like this it seems obvious that the clocks can be between the functional and the decorative, adapting to the new times, since its primary function (to mark the hour) loses space for the gadgets, such as smartphones and the like, that do this and much more.

How To Use?

A positive point watches with bracelet in canvas is that, unlike the traditional options (leather and metal) makes it easy to create an identification of the accessory with your style and even use it in conjunction with other accessories, functioning as more of a prop for visual, but taking care not to overdo it on the amount of appendages, and in color, in addition, make sure that the effort to give one up in the look has to do with the said person, save this type of feature to use with casual clothes and/or sports.

In short

  • There is no novelty here, but the moment brings a strengthening of the colors preppyor military, and the bracelets, and bracelets for men;
  • This type of bracelet is not as neutral as the leather or metal, but may integrate better with your look;
  • Coordinate it with other accessories on your wrist can be nice, but be careful with exaggeration;
  • Respect your production and book this type of watch for looks/casual sports.