Watxandco Launches Smartwatches Line In Portugal

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The Certora, the WatxandCo distributor in Portugal, presented last week in Lisbon the WatxandCo Connected smartwatches and proposals for other brands like Pulsar and Seiko for this autumn-winter.

The Spanish brand has become known for your color diversity and versatility of your bracelet Exchange launched the first collection of smartwatches, the Connected.
These Smart Watches allow you to receive notifications of calls, messages and social networks. There are two models being the main difference, apart from the size (size M and XXL, with 43 mm or 49 mm, respectively), is the top model has the name of the person who is calling.
These smartwaches can be controlled and configured through the app Connected Watch that is available for iOS and Android. In the application we have access to the pedometer, we can check how many steps we have taken on that day, or set of days and the calories consumed, among other features. It is also possible to configure the watch buttons to for example taking a picture with your smartphone when you click a particular button or pass a song forward when you’re listening to a playlist on your mobile phone.

Regarding the battery, one of the strengths is that you don’t have to load because the Connected WatxandCo comes with two batteries, one for the clock itself and one for the “smart” features. According to Miguel Rodrigues, General Manager of Certora, if we turn the Bluetooth at night, the battery gives for about 6 months and can be changed on any watch/jewellery.
The WatxandCo is not the first brand of watches to do smartwatches, but do it with a very attractive price, EUR 89 M and 99 Euro for the XXL model and has the advantage of the dials can be integrated with any WatxandCo bracelet.
Highlight is the Seiko Astron, the first GPS watch Solar world, which connects to the GPS and update the time automatically. The new Astron adjusts the time zone time with the touch of a button and, if power light power, never need to change the battery.