WearBright: Adjust the Smartwatch Brightness with a Tip

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The free Google play app WearBright solves the brightness of the Android Wear Smartwatches in an elegant way. You know it, I want to bring quickly the Smartwatch on the highest brightness level, because you leave may be just the House, with wiping that’s but a thing. The setting can – ever claim whether the small display – 5-6 seconds for themselves.

WearBright solves the problem of the Smartphone, you’re on your way out anyway in the hand. If you downloaded app on the phone starts the Play Store, assuming you have previously synchronized it with your Smartwatch, so the brightness of the clock jumps first on the highest level. The phone syncs so immediately the brightness. You will start the app on the phone now again, she wanders back again on the clock on a darker level pleasant for you, that can set your own (if you come back home, they adjust for the dark rooms). Also on the Smartwatch which is executable procedure. The function remains the same. It of pleasantly easy and very intelligently solves a brightness problem.